About SharedKey. Great communication hub for families / co-owners.

About SharedKey

SharedKey was founded by two brothers who have shared a vacation property in the Canadian Rockies with their parents and two other siblings for over 20 years.

With the family continuing to grow, they saw the need and opportunity to create a central, online system that would help organize visits by family members and guests. Their desire was to create a better way to manage the property and facilitate shared access for enjoyment by all, which would be a big help in maintaining family unity and promoting long term co-ownership.

Their situation is hardly unique. SharedKey has been developed as a private and secure solution for the millions of vacation property owners around the world who share with family members, co-owners and invited guests. For owners of rental and home exchange properties, SharedKey is a great way to share all of the logistics, instructions and other details after a booking has been made.

The result is an easy, positive and rich experience for all users. SharedKey will help create greater harmony among families and co-owners, it will make for terrific hosting, and guests will feel even more welcome.


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